Aso City Tourism Division

Aso City is located in the northeastern part of Kumamoto, the central part of Aso area and has prefectural border of Kumamoto and Oita and is adjacent with eight municipalities including two cities of Oita. In the city limits, East-West about 30km, north and south about 17km, area are about 376 square km.

The topography is formed in Aso outer ring area surrounding Aso Valley and that of comparative flatland many having one of the world's largest calderas around Mt. Aso five and very large grassy plain.

Most of the cities are in Aso kuju national park and are endowed with rich nature including the rare animals and plants peculiar to Aso including very large grassy plain which has been protected by symbiosis of people and nature represented by burning off a field and blue-and-white flycatcher corbicula and various area resources. These area resources are appreciated worldwide, and they are authorized to world Geopark and world agriculture inheritance.

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