Hita is located in the center of Kyushu und is easily reached by bus or train from neighbouring cities such as Fukuoka, Oita, and Kumamoto.

Since long ago, extremely pure and clear water has flowing into Hita City from the mountains surrounding it. As a result, the city of Hita is known as Suikyo, "the home of water". Daily life as well as the city's history is deeply connected with water.

Thanks to the abundant water, various industries have developed in Hita, such as forestry, Sake, cuisine and pottery industries.【Eel, sweetfish, Hita Yakisoba (Hita crispy noodles),Ontayaki (Onta pottery) etc】Also Hita is actually filled with hot springs such as Hita onsen and Amagase onsen.

In addition, Hita city has many traditional festivals including Hita gion festival("Hikiyama float parade”), which is on UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list. the city retains many relics of its history. The Edo Shogunate directly controls architectural treasures, which tell the tale of the links with Edo, and a festival that celebrates previous past glories. Please visit, experience good old japan-Hita and enjoy it one step deeper. You can create unforgettable memories in Hita.

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